Camp Halloween

Some tricks and a few treats on a city beach.

We spent last Saturday doing home improvements and by early afternoon we felt like getting out of our apartment.

We wanted to take it easy but of course I ended up picking up chairs, a table, a tarp, poles, and other gear from Piknik People Studio. Once everything was in the trunk we drove to a store to buy beef patties, buns, drinks, and sweets for our Halloween night outing.

We also took our outdoor cart for hauling our gear from a parking lot on to the sand – a life saver. It was already dark when we got to Hietaniemi beach but the night was calm and the full moon was lighting our adventure.

The actual setup was quick. We first lit the candles and fire and then popped open some drinks. With the fire going and beer in hand we finally felt happy about our decision to drag ourselves to this place.

Once again the tarp proved to be a piece of equipment that added a lot of comfort and cozyness to our camp. It reflected light and when the flames were out we pulled the fireplace under the tarp, creating a warm micro climate under our hood.

For kids, the dark beach was an exciting experience. It's essentially a huge sandbox with a chance for some ghosts or other scares. There were some other people with dogs and kids but we failed to spot any zombies or werewolves.